Why Us

Our Co-Founders

Molly and Olivia McShea share more than just a last name: they are sisters and the founders of Livalit Travel. They also share a passionate, lifelong love of travel, and have the passport stamps to prove it.

A lover of planning and all things organization, Molly honed her skills at a large educational travel provider before starting Livalit with Olivia. Through personal and professional travel, she’s camped through 8 countries in Africa, explored local markets in South America, eaten fresh curry in SE Asia and is always crafting her next adventure.

A self-proclaimed photographer and design enthusiast, Olivia has found inspiration around the world while chasing her desire for all things new. She spent a year road tripping through New Zealand, a summer eating her weight in gelato in Italy, a week making friends with monkeys in the Amazon rainforest and she is just getting started.

In witnessing firsthand the positive impact travel can have on both personal and professional life, Molly and Olivia knew that they wanted to share these benefits with others.

Founded in 2016, Livalit Travel provides unique, customized travel experiences for companies seeking to enrich client relationships or incentivize employee performance. Partnering with Livalit Travel gives businesses and organizations a competitive edge by enabling them to offer innovative, exciting products to their communities.

Our primary goal is community building – not just that each client would build their community, but that in working with Livalit Travel, you become part of our community. Combining our love of travel with organizational excellence, logistical expertise and an eye for affordability, we can’t wait for you to partner with us on the next great adventure for your business.

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