Why Bolivia Should be on Your Bucket List

Before we started Livalit, I quit one of my previous jobs to travel.  I believe strongly in traveling at every phase of life, but as a single person without a mortgage or any attachments – could you pick a better time?  Once I had made my decision, I got to work planning out my itinerary.  Anyone that knows me knows I’m a planner to the core.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be one of those people that books a one-way ticket and just wings it.  But, just typing that gives me anxiety.


So, instead I did as a good planner does and started with, where do I want to go?  That part came easy because I’d been itching to further explore my two favorite continents South America and Africa.  I’d already traveled to a good portion of South America but hadn’t been to Bolivia, so I figured what the heck, let’s do it.


Did I know much, if anything, about Bolivia?  No.  But, after doing some quick research I was ready to pack my bags.


To cut down on your researching time, here’s why I think you should consider adding Bolivia to your bucket list:

The Scenery

We’re starting with a bang here.  Home to salt flats, the amazon, and Lake Titicaca, this is an outdoor-lover’s dream destination.  A 3-day tour of the salt flats and surrounding area includes geysers, cactus, flamingos, mountains, and of course, the salt flats themselves. 

La Paz

La Paz is the world’s highest administrative capital so don’t be shocked if you get a little out of breath walking around the city. While the city has many things you’d expect out of a city, you’ll also find a witch market.  Whether or not that’s your thing, it’s worth walking around and checking it out along with the food markets, plazas, and other sites the city offers.


The cable car system has made access to the hillsides around La Paz significantly easier for locals and tourists alike. You’ll get stunning views and transportation for one small price! 

Lake Titicaca

Since I visited Lake Titicaca when I was in Peru a few years before (the lake is in both Peru and Bolivia), I chose to skip it this visit since I had limited time in country. But upon arriving in La Paz, I was questioning my decision because it seemed that everyone and their Mom had gone and ended up spending more time than they anticipated because they loved it so much.  I’m not kidding, I got to the point where someone would bring it up and I could fill in the rest of their story about how they only were going to spend 2 days but spent 2 weeks.


As a relatively small city, it’s easy to get around and feel familiar with your surroundings. It is a university town and is as vibrant as it is beautiful with university students hanging out among the white buildings.  I’d been traveling for a bit by the time I got to Sucre and was ready for a chill night, so I decided to go to the movies.  I was stoked to find out that my entire night, movie, popcorn, and a drink was all under $5 – it’s the little things!  With or without the cheap movies, Sucre was a highlight of my time in Bolivia.


Good for: Photography, outdoor lovers, and cultural enthusiasts

Molly McShea



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