5 Instagram Pages That Will Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Finding time to travel can be difficult with a 9 to 5 job and while I’m always itching to go on my next travel adventure, the right moment just doesn’t always line up.  So, recently I’ve been taking to Instagram to satisfy my growing wanderlust and not only are these travel accounts great for scratching my current travel itch, they also give me ideas of where to go next once I’ve racked up a few vacation days.  Check out a few of my favorite accounts that will fill your feed with #travelinspo!



Melissa Findley is an Australian photographer who currently lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Her Instagram is full of beautiful colors and incredible adventures. What I personally love about Melissa’s account is it feels almost like a personal account. She posts little tid bits of what she thinks of each location or a quick story about the location. Melissa also has a blog and podcast, so there’s no shortage of content if you love her travels like I do.



Chris Burkard is one of the bigger accounts listed on here. The reason I selected Chris’s account is he shares some detailed accounts of his experiences. I think in a generally oversaturated market of “photographers,” a photo becomes more personal when you hear the story behind it. For example, one of Chris's more recent photos details how he did not have a passport until he was 20 years old and the importance of cherishing the ability to travel. For being a relatively large Instagrammer, I feel like Chris isn’t trying to sell me anything and I can just enjoy his photos.


Mel Legarda’s accounts is by far one of my favorites. Every photo she posts makes me want to travel to that location because they are so bright and relaxing. Mel’s captions for her photos are probably the reason I enjoy this account so much. She is always sure to give the location of her photos and describe what exactly she is doing. Not only does she give her followers advice, but she flips the script and asks her followers to give her travel advice when traveling to new places. She also asks her followers about their personal experience traveling, so when you follow Mel you’re also getting travel advice from her whole community.


While I am not usually a huge fan of couple Instagram accounts, I love Selena and Jacobs account Find Us Lost. The account is full of bright and vibrant colors and make you want to just pack your bags and go somewhere. The number one thing I enjoy about this account is I feel like I have gotten a lot of travel inspiration from it. Selena and Jacob are no doubt sponsored by different hotels and attractions, but I feel like these sponsorships generally benefit the follower looking to find new locations to visit. Additionally, I really enjoy their blog postings, I find them to be just the right amount of information.


We are travel girls is a cool account because unlike the ones I selected above, it is not just one or two people. The account features user generate pictures from a travel community of women from all over the world.

Which travel Instagram accounts are your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

Emma Reeves

Marketing Intern


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