Tour Types

Because our custom tours are curated for your brand, there are an endless amount of possibilities for your perfect itinerary.  With infinite options, it can be difficult to visualize what your tour could look like.  So, here are a few examples to help get the ideas flowing!

Outdoor Adventure


Whether you are an outdoor apparel store or a hiking focused Instagram there are so many destinations that will have your community eagerly packing their bags.  One of our favorites?  New Zealand.  This is a country that you could spend a month exploring and still feel like you need more time.  Since there are 7 times more sheep than people, the landscapes are vast and the hikes are numerous.  Imagine beginning along the coastal track of Abel Tasman, then exploring the glacier valleys of Franz Josef, to later finishing among the fjords of the Milford Trek, and that’s just the South Island!



When you think of wine the first countries that may come to your mind are Italy, Argentina, or France, but have you ever considered South Africa?  Their wines are described as being a hybrid of New and Old World wine making and when you pair that with the beautiful landscape surrounding the wineries this wine destination is nothing short of incredible.  Throw in South Africa’s intriguing history and jaw dropping safari adventures and you’ve created a once in a lifetime tour for your wine community.



For the garden clubs and communities, visiting the Dutch countryside to see the Keukenhof Gardens is a must.  You can round out your springtime getaway with a visit to Alkmaar for a walk through the 400-year-old cheese market and a dip down into Belgium to taste your way through their delicious chocolate scene.



This is a tour that your community would have to come hungry for, especially if it takes you to the crowd favorite, Italy.  You can balance out the pasta making classes and wine and cheese pairings with a walk through the historic cobble stone streets of Florence or Rome.  But, don’t forget to sample at least one gelato shop a day!

travel Photography


Are you a travel photographer with a following on social media?  Let’s design a tour to break the social media wall and offer your community the chance to travel to and photograph one of your favorite countries with you!



There are so many thriving beer scenes in the world which leads to no shortage of countries to drink through.  Germany receives most of the accolades, but have you ever considered looking towards its European neighbor, Ireland?  Once you get out of the bustling capital city, you can find plenty of microbreweries in the lush countryside filled with excellent beer and more importantly infectious locals.  If you want great craic (fun), Ireland will never disappoint!

The world is at your fingertips and while we’ve given some examples of tours above, it is by no means a complete list of the only types of tours we can put together.  Have a community that you think would benefit from traveling together?  Let us know!  Our team would love to work with you.