This Is Your Official Warning – If You Visit Scotland, You Will Rethink Your Return Ticket.

“I don’t know why nonfiction movies are made about Scotland, when real historic events are already such great plotlines.”


This is what our Scottish tour guide, Fiona, said to us as she explained the complex but fascinating history of her homeland.  I still can’t believe I’m using the word fascinating to describe history because that was the one subject in school that I could never get excited about.  To this day, I’m not proud to admit but the most I know about U.S. history comes from the Hamilton soundtrack.


Once I met Fiona this all changed.  The stories of triumph, despair, and back stabbings were enough to make anyone’s head spin.  But, the drama had me hooked – what can I say, I’m a sucker for a good poisoning story.


But that is not the only part of this country that had me hooked.


I could go on and on about the people, who always had a story to tell, or the over 500 golf courses (not including 9-hole courses scattered throughout the countryside) but the big showstopper was – the scenery.


How to even get started on the scenery.  From the historic architecture of the beautiful cities that twinkled in the setting sun, to the rolling, green mountains of the highlands, this country is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever had the honor of exploring.  I would need a more talented writer to truly be able to describe it, but they do say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here’s a few thousand to give you a taste of what Scotland has to offer.

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Scotland is perfect for walkers, golfers, Scotch enthusiasts, and history buffs. Sound like the perfect fit for a business or club you know or are a part of?

Olivia McShea



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