Small Moments, Big Impact.

Olivia McShea | Co-Founder

We had the opportunity to meet with multiple of our international suppliers a few weeks ago and a topic that consistently came up was our desire to include new and creative experiences in our itineraries.


They shared with us that so many planners reach out seeking “wow factor” ideas and end up planning extravagant events that are the same old same with nice venues, good food, and enjoyable entertainment.  While the events surely extract a few ooh’s and ahh’s, they lack the unique character of each destination that we are searching for.


Maybe we’re crazy, but we believe that you don’t need a blowout event to make a trip memorable.


Our best memories are always rooted in the little things.


Watching the sunset over the Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica while sipping on wine and munching on cheese and crackers that our guide surprised us with after a long day. Toasting our cups to the relationships we had built with strangers and laughing while the wind threw our crackers across the grass to the sprawling land below.


Stopping before we start our hike in Sri Lanka at a small village store to drink coconut water. Enjoying local kids absolutely destroy us at cricket on their makeshift pitch made from plastic chairs.


Having uninterrupted conversations at a remote camp in New Zealand where the electricity cuts off at dusk.  Sitting around the only light source, the warm fire in the main building before gazing at the moon and stars that stop you in your tracks as you make your way to your bunk.


None of these moments were big, most of them were unplanned but they mattered.


Those are the moments we’re chasing, are you with us?


Some may think that planned itineraries don’t allow for the little moments, but we believe it’s actually the opposite.


In Costa Rica, our incredible guide went above and beyond to create a special moment.  In Sri Lanka, we were shown a new way.  And, in New Zealand, we were able to enjoy conversations with new friends because we didn’t have to plan for the next day.


These magical moments have been the most impactful in our travels, which is why we are so passionate about giving you the loose structure to be present while you collect your own memories to carry with you for the rest of your life.


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