An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Passport Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Stamps from These 7 Countries

Tasman Glacier

1. New Zealand

New Zealand has a population of about 4.7 million incredibly kind people (30% of that living in Auckland) which is around half the population of New York City alone.  That’s right, the entire country has half the population of a major city in the US.  Unless you’ve spent time in a country where sheep outnumber people 7 to 1 you’ll never understand what it feels like to be alone among some of the world’s best landscapes.  And, we’re not just talking about one type of landscape. You could start in the rainforest and 30 minutes later be trekking a snow-capped mountain.  Adventure and exploration is at the forefront of many Kiwi’s lives as they can be found operating white water rafting, bungee jumps, and many other adventure activities even when they leave New Zealand.

Yala National Park

2. Sri Lanka

If a country has loads of things to do and somewhere I can go on safari, you just have to tell me when we are going, and my flight will be booked. Unsurprisingly, Sri Lanka is one of those countries.  With leopard spotting in Yala National Park, vast beaches, lush tea plantations, temples, and treks that end in breathtaking views, Sri Lanka is quickly climbing in popularity and for good reason!

3. Indonesia

First off, have you seen pictures from Bali?  Hello, paradise!  While the beaches are well known, Bali and Indonesia in general have more to offer.  If you’re looking for an overnight hiking experience, Mt. Rinjani would be my first choice.  You can reach the peak in time to watch the sun rise over the island and then end the day chilling out in the blue waters of Lake Segara Anak, a crater lake that was formed during the explosive volcanic eruption of Mount Samalas.  If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, you can also do some canyoning or take an ATV tour.  All in all, an adventurer’s passport won’t be complete without a stamp from Indonesia.

Machu Picchu

4. Peru

Peru is famous for one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, but this is only one of many reasons to visit.  Aside from trekking one of the famous trails to Machu Picchu, outdoor enthusiasts can take a motorized canoe through the Amazon, ride horseback through the mountains, go volcano climbing, or bird watching to name a few.  While most people just go for Machu Picchu, I suggest broadening your scope as there is so much more to see in this remarkable country.

5. Colombia

While outside in Colombia your priorities should not only include exploring the scenery, but also interacting with the dynamic people.  From the minute you step off the plane, you can tell there is something special about them!  While there are many places to see, a few highlights include walking through the coffee farms in Salento, hiking in Valle de Cocora, visiting the beaches near Cartagena, and exploring the streets of Medellin.  Colombia is a gem and worth being on every outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list.

Telica Volcano

6. Nicaragua

Volcanoes are a big part of any visit to Nicaragua, I mean it’s called the land of lakes and volcanoes for a reason!  Whether hiking up them, peering into them, or boarding down them, there’s no reason to not take advantage of all the volcano experiences.  It’s not every day that you get to see an illuminated orange dome against the dark skies from the bubbling hot lava of an active volcano.  Once you’ve tired your body out from hiking, it’s important to reward yourself with a day on the beach or with the wind blowing through your hair on a catamaran.

7. Tanzania

Tanzania is home to not only the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, but also one of the best wildlife reserves, the Serengeti National Park.  If that isn’t reason enough to visit this magical country, maybe you can be convinced by the clear blue waters of Zanzibar.  There’s nothing like zooming through a wildlife reserve to catch a glimpse of a pack of lions or a herd of elephants and if you’ve never been, I think it should be on your list!

Do you know an outdoor community whose members would love to add a stamp to their passports from one of these countries?

Molly McShea



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