Namibia Is the Most Underrated Country and Here’s Why

A few years ago, I decided to quit my job planning international educational trips and do some traveling of my own.  Most of the time I plan out my trips (I mean I do plan trips for a living), but this time I decided to let someone else do the planning.  I signed up for an overland trip through Africa starting in Nairobi and ending in Cape Town.  40 days of camping, limited internet access, new friends, and lots of open road.  Being in the travel business, I’ve planned trips to or been to many destinations, but we were going to hit a few countries I knew little about. One of those was Namibia.  When I say I knew little about it, I mean I knew nothing about it. I hadn’t looked at a single picture, didn’t read any articles, nothing.  Unsurprisingly, Namibia isn’t a big destination for business school travelers – the country has an incredibly small population and isn’t somewhere you think of for “big business” so I didn’t have clients knocking down my door trying to take their students there.  But, right after we crossed the border from Botswana and started getting deeper into Namibia, I knew I was in for a treat.

Open Roads

Namibia is the 2nd least densely populated country in the world.  You read that right, only Mongolia has less people per square kilometer.  For someone traveling through the country, that means you can travel for hours without seeing a single car.


You feel like you’re one of the only tourists there and relative to many other destinations you’re one of only a small number of people that have visited this weird, beautiful, and mystical country

Unbelievable Stargazing

Since there’s so few people, there’s little light pollution so expect to spend a lot of time outside looking at the stars.  It is noted as one of the best places in the world for stargazing.

Otherworldly Landscapes

Not only is it a beautiful place to be when the sun goes down, but also when the sun comes up.  The best way I can describe so many places we went within the country is otherworldly.  From the huge dunes to the abandoned ships off the coast (dubbed skeleton coast) to the largest canyon in Africa, it is a place unlike any other.

So Many Outdoor Activities

This is an outdoor lovers dream. With so few people, you’ll be able to experience all that the outdoors has to offer in Namibia, surrounded by nothing but vast landscapes.  There’s everything from hiking in Africa’s largest canyon to game drives through the national parks to climbing up Dune 45.  You won’t be disappointed in either the activities you can do or the scenery you’ll encounter.

Beautiful Wildlife

We’ve gotten this far and I haven’t even mentioned the wildlife.  Since Namibia gets very little rainfall, the animals you’ll see have adapted to the harsh living conditions.  Learning about how they live in this country is fascinating but seeing them in real life in an indescribable experience.

Safety is Key

Aside from many outdoor/nature related reasons to visit Namibia, it’s also a very safe and stable country to visit.  On top of that, it was the first African country to incorporate environmental protection into it’s constitution.  We can certainly get behind supporting that.

Next time you’re looking to go somewhere a bit off the beaten path or just to somewhere you’ll never forget, I hope you’ll consider Namibia!

Do you know an outdoor focused group that would be perfect for an unforgettable trip to Namibia?

Molly McShea



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