My Top 6 Eateries from My Adventurous Travels

In the past two years I’ve immersed myself completely into my passion which is travel.  The past 24 months I’ve conquered 11 countries and have tasted some of the best food in my life.  Growing up in a Black American household treated me to a variety of soulful dishes full of flavor seasoning and love. However, my journeys abroad introduced me to the magic of soulful dishes across the globe. Based on my travels here is my top 6 list of eateries you have to visit!


Barcelona, Spain: Vigo Restaurante Tapes

I have to admit I’m picky when it comes to food, but I remembered hearing delightful reviews about the food in Barcelona.  Barcelona is known for their yummy paella, which is one of my favorite foods and the best paella I’ve ever had is in the heart of Barcelona at Vigo Restaurante Tapes. They have a variety of paella with fresh seafood or chicken, so I got the traditional paella with mussels, squid, and shrimp. Throughout my life, I’ve tried many different paella’s, but nothing compares to the flavor and soul at Vigo Restaurante Tapes!


San Blas Islands, Panama

Panama has some of the best food out of all the countries I’ve ever been to. To my surprise they had a variety of foods from different cultures to choose from, but their traditional foods are many types of different fish and rice. For the most authentic experience I recommend going to the San Blas islands and eating food served by the Guna Yala people.  The Guna Yala people are indigenous people of the San Blas islands and you can visit by booking a multi night trip with meals included. At first, I was skeptical of the meals, but all my worries were set aside after our first lunch of whole fried fish, lime rice, and fresh fruit. The food was fresh and delicious during my two night stay where I received about 4 yummy, home cooked meals. If you go to San Blas, I recommend staying for at least one night just to try the native’s food!


Mykonos, Greece: Saki’s

Mykonos is known as the party island of Greece due to its popular and lively nightlife. After my trip to Mykonos, I can confirm that the night life is lively, but the food is as well. My favorite place to eat in Mykonos was the gyro shop Saki’s. They have an amazing selection of gyros for dirt cheap. After long days at the beach I would come back famished for a chicken gyro.  Plus, the people at Sakis are the friendliest people you’ll meet. They are warm, welcoming, and will tell you the perfect gyro to order!


Amsterdam, Netherlands: Omelegg

When I visited Amsterdam, I was not expecting the food to be memorable. However, the Dutch proved me wrong because the food was some of my favorite in Europe! One place that really stuck out to me was Omelegg in central Amsterdam. This little breakfast spot is a big tourist attraction, so while there was a wait, it was more than worth it.  They serve a variety of freshly made omelets with any toppings you want. My recommendation is the meat lover’s omelet stuffed with bacon, salami, sausage and cheese.


San Juan, Puerto Rico: La Raices

I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Puerto Rican food during my time on the island. The food was definitely tasty however it wasn’t like anything that I was used to. Some of their most popular dishes are fried fish, mofongo, and ceviche. In Puerto Rico you’ll stumble upon many restaurants that sell these items however they are not all comparable. I spent my first few days eating at random places but after a few local recommendations I ended up at La Raíces in old San Juan. They serve traditional Puerto Rican food and I had the delicious fried whole red snapper. I ate every single thing off my plate, the fish was cooked to perfection and the side of rice and beans was flavorful as well.


Florence, Italy: Gusta Pizza

The last eatery on my list is located in Florence Italy called Gusta Pizza. Gusta Pizza is one of the favorite eateries in Florence due to its celebrity clientele. This little and cheap pizza place lived up to its hype with their classic pepperoni pizza. Their pizzas have the perfect crust, sauce, and cheese that will leave your taste buds in a spin.


After eating all kinds of foods in many different countries, I’ve taken the dishes I’ve discovered and brought them home with me. Every culture has their own unique ingredients and different takes on recipes and I’ve learned from my travels that most foods cannot be compared. American food is so different from dishes in Spain, The Netherlands, and Panama. Every country has their own unique flavor, and I can’t wait to taste more foods from around the Globe.

Chantell Highsmith

Blog Contributor


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