Meet the Man Behind the Instagram Page That Inspires over 250k Adventure Enthusiasts to Get Outside

If you’re looking for daily inspiration to explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful world then look no further.  Meet Kyle!  He’s the force behind the increasingly popular Instagram account – Adventure Enthusiasts.  We chatted with him to see how he got started, what keeps him going, and to get an inside look at who he is outside of the Instagram world.  Enjoy!

How did you get started?

I got started looking to inspire other people to get outdoors. I was a former MMA fighter that had some issues with concussions which lead to not competing anymore. That’s what my life really revolved around for 5 years. One of the hobbies I got into after that was being outdoors and enjoying nature. It was really relaxing for me and I really enjoyed it. Two months later I got an internship that helped start-up entrepreneurs. One of the tasks that I had was to help one of the entrepreneurs with Instagram. After working with him for about 2 or 3 weeks, I decided I wanted to start my own Instagram page to inspire people to get outdoors and go on adventures.


Who’s been the biggest inspiration to you during your journey?

Definitely other Instagram pages and photographers! I love seeing all these amazing places that people are able to visit and capture their memories!


What’s one obstacle you’ve overcome that were thankful for in the long run?

Sticking with Adventure Enthusiasts. Instagram is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But, I love the platform and the inspiration you get from all of these amazing people and pages who are posting their adventures and places they’ve been.


When you’re not working on your business what do you like to do?

Sports! I still train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. I love to play basketball and Table Tennis.


What is one thing that made you say yes to planning a trip for your community?

I loved the group trip idea. I think it’s great for people who want to travel but are nervous about traveling solo and I’m glad we will be able to put that together for people!


What are you most excited about in relation to your tour?

To give solo travelers the opportunity to travel in a group.

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How have you engaged with your community in the past?

I’ve always been pretty active in the community. I always try to see all the people who tag us in their photos and respond to their messages!


Tell us about one travel story that has always stuck out to you?

A bad experience has stuck out to me. When I went to Ireland, I had to get to New York to catch a flight. We decided to take a train from NC to NY and then again on our way back from NY to NC. Well, it was a 13 hour train ride each way and we spent the night in the Penn Station inside the Amtrak station both ways. Needless to say, next time we will fly to get there. You live and you learn!


If you could say one thing to aspiring influencers/business owners what would it be?

Consistency is key!

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