Meet the leader of the adventure group THAT’S challenging women

Meet Jenny – the amazing force behind WoA, the adventure group challenging women and their comfort zone.

How did you get started?
We all experience transitions in our lives. Those moments when you know you are about to go in a new direction. Maybe the change was forced on you, maybe you chose it, but it’s a pivotal moment. I had that moment when I moved to Arizona 4 years ago. I was laid off from my photography job, I moved in with my boyfriend and his two small children in a new state, my oldest was graduating high school, and I was basically hitting about 10 life transitions in one short 6 month period. I wanted to do something. So I started an “adventure” group on meetup, that group grew quickly, and so did the idea of turning Women on Adventures into a business. This little idea got me out of the house hiking. I went from 4 miles a day to walking across a country. This little group has helped so many make new friends and experience new adventures. It started as something to help get me off the couch and out of the house and it did more than that, it got me living a pretty amazing life.

Who has been the biggest inspiration to you during your journey?
The members of Women on Adventures are my biggest inspiration. The way they show up is remarkable. It’s not easy to face fears, and it’s certainly not easy to face your fears with a bunch of strangers, but these ladies show up over and over and over again. From going to Flagstaff extreme when you are afraid of heights to kayaking when you are afraid of tipping over. They show up.

What’s one obstacle you’ve overcome that were thankful for in the long run?
There are so many obstacles that I’ve overcome in the last four years. I went from an intense fear of public speaking (still struggle here) to sharing the story of WoA with people at conferences and outdoor stores. It’s still not always easy to get up and talk about fears and adventure but it’s worth it when women come up to me later and say they are going to do that hike

When you’re not working on your business what do you like to do?
I run and hike a lot. You’ll find me on the trails, or in the car, head off on a road trip. I love to explore and experience new things. Surprised?

What is one thing that made you say yes to planning a trip for your community?
We do so many micro adventures with our outposts across the country, and on almost every one the discussion turns to our dream adventures. We started small and took weekend trips to San Diego to surf and Durango, Colorado to dog sled so the international trips were part of the natural progression.

What are you most excited about in relation to your tour?
As we get closer to Japan I am so excited to share my love of walking with everyone. The therapeutic affects of putting one foot in front of the other day after day are immeasurable. It may sound boring to some, but that’s actually the beauty of it, the slow quiet time to go in and be with yourself. It’s also a great way to experience a country and culture.

Tell us about one travel story that has always stuck out to you?
Every travel adventure has a story for me and it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. The overall travel story I can tell is that when I stopped being afraid of everything going wrong, I started to really travel. Things still go wrong, no doubt, but I can roll with it when it happens instead of letting the fear of it happening prevent me from doing anything.

If you could say one thing to aspiring business owners what would it be?
Be vulnerable.


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