You May Look like a Disaster but Your Luggage Doesn’t Have To

In this world I believe that there are two kinds of people:  the ones who pack a week or more before a trip and the ones who (like me) pack the night or even the hour before.  While we may not agree on a packing timeline, I think there is one thing we can agree on – our suitcase is never as organized during the trip as it was when we first packed it.  The moment you need to find that one specific shirt out of the 30 you packed for a 7-day trip, because you’ve convinced yourself you need that many, your nicely organized suitcase has transformed into a disaster zone.


Now, after some good old fashion trial and error we’ve come up with the perfect solution for your luggage mess – packing cubes.  Full disclosure, we did use to use Ziplock bags before graduating to legit packing cubes but take it from us, just skip that thrifty stage and go straight for the good stuff.


I guess I should start by explaining what the good stuff is for those of you who haven’t put it together yet.  Packing cubes are, surprisingly, cubes that you pack and organize your stuff in.  I say stuff because these cubes are not limited to just separating your shirts from your pants.  They are also perfect for keeping all those pesky cords and electronics together and for keeping those beauty products easily accessible for the inevitable day that you don’t get your beauty rest.  Plus, lazy girl life hack, they are ideal for storing dirty hiking shoes, so you never have to clean them.  Think about it, if the dirt from your shoes is always contained in a sleek packing cube, you don’t have to wash them to prevent that dirt from making its way into the surrounding areas.  It makes sense, right?


Life hacks aside, I know it’s easy to say that a certain product has changed the way you travel but we really mean it.  We mean it so much that we send each of our travelers their own set of packing cubes to use while packing for their trip with us.  We want you, our traveler, to feel organized and stress free and, with us, that starts before the tour even begins.  Or, if you need a set pronto, you can get them and other packing essentials here.


In the end, whenever you decide to pack your bags, you can have the peace of mind that with packing cubes you’ll know exactly where those shorts are, that you’ve never worn but *definitely* will on this trip.


Something a little extra:  Buy a set of packing cubes that includes multiple sizes.  Use a smaller size for your cords and use the bigger size to store your jackets or whatever suits your needs – the (packing) world is your oyster.


If you like traveling stress free and you want to incorporate that into your brand or business check out a few ideas of what we could do for you!

Olivia McShea



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