Iceland’s Interior Is out of This World and Here Is the Proof

Iceland is mainly known for the Golden Circle and taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon, more on that down the road, but if you want to get a true look at the beauty of Iceland it’s time to hop in a 4X4 and drive through the interior.  The interior is filled with extraterrestrial landscapes and the feeling of being on another planet is only amplified by the lack of civilization.  To put it in perspective, during our 5-hour drive through the interior we passed only 15 cars going the opposite direction.  Not only does the small number of rental cars that can tackle the rough roads and rivers keep the area relatively untouched, but you need to have an experienced driver to get you through safely.

On our most recent tour to Iceland, we were lucky to have both the right vessel to take on the terrain and a seasoned guide that knows every road, paved or not, like the back of his hand.  Whether on a personal trip by horseback or guiding tourists like us for the past 40 years, there isn’t one road that has been untouched by our guide Oli.  He’s even coined the term, “Oli’s road” because you won’t be able to locate these gravel paths on any map.  In my opinion, having Oli as our guide through Iceland’s incredible interior made those few days the highlight of our trip.  Take a look below and you’ll see why we can’t stop raving about our time off the grid.

Do you want to tackle Iceland's interior with your outdoor community?


Olivia McShea



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