Don’t Miss out on This Hidden Gem

“I’ve only had a handful of groups from the United States.”


On our most recent trip to Sri Lanka with the online hiking community, Mtn Chicks, our guide made a comment that surprised us.  Over his 30 years of guiding groups around his beautiful country only a handful of them have been from the United States.


A handful in 30 years?


All we have to say to that is, how?


With its lush landscapes, hospitable people, and diverse wildlife, this country should be at the top of everyone’s list.


Granted you could say that about a lot of places, but we’ve come ready with the receipts.


Many places can be breathtaking with good weather, but it takes something special to be even more incredible during the rainy season.  The prehistoric views slightly covered in misty clouds at ‘Worlds End’ and ‘Little Worlds End’ were so supernatural we half expected unicorns and fairies to pop out.  While that didn’t happen, trekking through Sri Lanka was the highlight of the trip despite doing it in damp clothing.


Even though we didn’t want to stop exploring the green landscapes of Sri Lanka, we at least had to take a break to eat.  Luckily for us, we were welcomed into the home of one of the locals for lunch.  Her family graciously prepared various curries and other local dishes for our hungry group to devour and it was hands down the best meal of our trip.  Not only because we were starving but because you can never beat a home cooked meal.  This break in our trek also gave us a few minutes to remove the leeches that were trying to make a meal out of us!


Thankfully leeches were not the only wildlife we saw during our stay.  As we are never one to turn down a safari, we took a trip to Yala National Park where we saw elephants co-existing with peacocks and rabbits.  After all the safaris we’ve been on, this combination was definitely new to us.   It seemed like every turn we made led to another new or interesting animal.  We even saw a large bug pushing hardened dung (poop) across the road for who knows what purpose.  Even though we may not always understand nature, it’s pretty surreal to see it in action.


While selfishly we want to keep this apparent hidden gem to ourselves, we’ll do our one nice thing for the year.  Here’s a little inspiration to get you thinking about Sri Lanka when the time comes around to start planning your next adventure.



Do you know a group that would love to explore the landscapes of Sri Lanka?

Olivia McShea



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