Don’t Listen to TLC.  You Should Always Chase Waterfalls, Especially in Costa Rica.

We all know the famous line, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…” and then the musical bliss that comes after.  While this song is a one of our favorites, it’s just not true.


You should always chase waterfalls, especially in Costa Rica!


Just ask the group of Mountain Chicks that did just that.  Whether they were reaching out to feel the force of the water, taking deep breaths while the mist hits their face, or just admiring from afar, there was something truly magical about connecting with these natural beauties.  Even though these moments are best experienced firsthand, we collected a few of our favorite shots to give you a glimpse.

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What we would do to be back there!


But, if we’re being honest, when we look at these photos, the memories that come flooding back aren’t the ones that happened in front of the camera but the ones that were happening behind the scenes – the uncapturable moments that bonded these women and made this trip one they will never forget.


The group began the trip as complete strangers and through uncontrollable laughs, sometimes inappropriate jokes, and constantly lifting each other up, they became a unit.  A unit where you are seen for who you truly are – things you care about, moments that scare you, and the experiences that have made you, you.


Travel is so life changing because it creates connection and that connection breeds personal growth.  So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s go!

Costa Rica is great for adventure seekers, hikers, yogi’s, beach bums, and coffee lovers. Sound like the perfect fit for a business or club you know or are a part of?

Olivia McShea



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