How to Create Buzz Around Your Brand That Will Not Only Last Months but Years

How do you usually create buzz around your business or brand?


It probably starts with a meeting, that hopefully couldn’t have been summed up in an email. The meeting usually includes your marketing team discussing things like social media campaigns, launch parties, or one of the many other ways to get people talking about YOU.  But I bet there is one thing that has never come up during your discussions – travel.


Are you still with me?


For those of you that are, you may be thinking, travel?  How could travel fit into my marketing plan?


Well, let’s start with the basics.  The goal of marketing is to create brand awareness and 3 effective ways to tackle this sometimes-overwhelming roadblock are: engage with your community through offline experiences, social media, and word of mouth.


To avoid talking in hypotheticals, I’m going to use a real life, real time example of a group of ladies (and a gent) who are adventuring around Sri Lanka right now with the online women’s hiking community, Mtn Chicks. They are a prime example of a group that is using travel to grab marketing by the horns.  And having a little fun while they are at it.


Let’s start with a little context.  Mtn Chicks started as an online community, but quickly realized that in order to grow rapidly they needed to create offline experiences for their followers.  This humbly began as group hikes all over the country but founder, Dani, wanted to take it to the next level. Now, and I mean right now, these ladies are trekking through the epic Knuckles Range, safely hanging out of a train on a scenic ride through the rolling green tea fields and mountains, and feeling the wind in their hair on a game drive through a National Park with one of the densest leopard populations in the world.


Not only do these experiences create lasting memories but more relevant to you, they create tons of content.  These photos and videos end up on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and whatever social media platforms are relevant these days and guess who is tagged, you!


Taking time out of your tedious life to invest in new experiences is a BIG DEAL.  So, the travelers are going to be thinking and talking about it constantly from the moment that they pay their deposit to when they are posting “getting excited to meet everyone and begin our adventure!” in the Facebook group.  This kind of excitement won’t be contained within the community either.  They’ll tell their parents, their friends, Joe the grocer, and anyone else who will listen or should be listening. 


While the Mtn Chicks may still be hiking through Sri Lanka, I can confidently predict what is going to happen when they get home and you can too.  Just think back to when anyone you knew went on an incredible trip.  Your feed is flooded with tons of photos and then months later they will use #TBT just as an excuse to continue posting photos while bored at work.  If that doesn’t sound familiar this sure will, when has anyone ever gone on a trip and then not started every conversation for months after with, “when I was in (insert country here)…”  Did I get you there?


Others may roll their eyes and space out but if you were listening, you’d think to yourself, or out-loud (we won’t judge), “I need to connect my brand to these lifelong memories.”  Hi, hello, here we are and as Tom Peters said, “if a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” 

Are you ready to have your community talking about you, your business, and your trip for months, or years, to come?

Olivia McShea



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