Travel Tips

5 Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Your Vacation

For most of us, every day is not a vacation so here are our tips for getting your trip off to the right start.

1. Sleep when the locals sleep
Stop thinking about what time it is to you at home. It does nothing for you, plus why are you thinking about home when you are on vacation? I strongly recommend that you go to sleep at a normal bedtime in the country that you’re in. Try your best to make it to at least 8:30-9PM so you can get on track with the local time zone. We won’t tell…

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5 Small Gifts for Your Favorite Traveler

One thing that I have learned while traveling is how easy it is to over pack. It’s not unusual for me to somehow rationalize needing four pairs of shoes for a weekend trip. Even though I’m aware of my own overzealous packing habits, I sometimes struggle to pick out compact gifts for my friends who are about to head out on their next adventure.

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Be Prepared for Any Flight with These 10 Things

Flights are hard enough as it is, make it a little easier by keeping these 10 things in your carry on.

1. All Valuables & Breakables
Whether it’s your camera, laptop, or grandmother’s necklace, if you would be devastated if it was stolen or broken then keep it on your person.

2. Kindle, Book, and/or Magazine
Whatever you like to read, bring it along for entertainment on the plane. If you are using a Kindle…

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