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New Year, New You. Or Is It?

I’m not the type to set New Years resolutions. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to be responsible for my life and constantly working on myself rather than deciding once a year what would make me a happier, better person. But then…

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5 Christmas Markets to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

At this point in the holiday season, we hope you’ve been able to enjoy some of the classic traditions and activities abundant this time of year: gingerbread houses and ice skating, candy canes and meeting Santa, even a glass of eggnog or two. But if you’re looking to up your dosage of holiday cheer, consider visiting a classic Christmas market…

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Don’t Miss out on This Hidden Gem

“I’ve only had a handful of groups from the United States.”

On our most recent trip to Sri Lanka with the online hiking community, Mtn Chicks, our guide made a comment that surprised us. Over his 30 years of guiding groups around his beautiful country…

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How to Create Buzz Around Your Brand That Will Not Only Last Months but Years

How do you usually create buzz around your business or brand? It probably starts with a meeting, that hopefully couldn’t have been summed up in an email. The meeting probably includes your marketing team discussing things like social media campaigns, launch parties, or one of the many other ways to get people talking about YOU. But I bet there is one thing that has never come up…

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