Be Prepared for Any Flight with These 10 Things

Flights are hard enough as it is, make it a little easier by keeping these 10 things in your carry on.

1. All Valuables & Breakables

Whether it’s your camera, laptop, or grandmother’s necklace, if you would be devastated if it was stolen or broken then keep it on your person.

2. Kindle, Book, and/or Magazine

Whatever you like to read, bring it along for entertainment on the plane. If you are using a Kindle, sign up for a Library Card from your local library.  You can use this to borrow books online and have them downloaded onto your Kindle for FREE.

3. Music Player & Earphones

If you’re like me then the one thing that keeps me sane during a long flight is listening to music. Apart from the entertainment factor, it also helps drown out noise from the plane – i.e. screaming babies and loud talkers.  Personally, I’d rather listen to my music on full blast than Johnny telling Suzie about his crazy weekend.  Luckily, it’s hard to forget your music since most of us use our phones but if you’re like my fellow co-founder, Molly, and you listen to an old school iPod then don’t forget to throw that into your carry-on.  Plus, you’ll need to grab the tangled mess you call headphones and make sure your favorite Spotify playlists are updated and downloaded.

4. Chargers

Your electronics are useless at 0% battery so make sure to pack your chargers. Even better if you have a portable charger for the flights that haven’t added chargers at every seat.

5. Sleeping Essentials: Neck pillow, Hoodie & Sleep Mask

For those of us who have trouble falling and staying asleep on airplanes it is essential to create the best environment you can to get some much-needed z’s. (Side note:  For those of you who easily sleep through the whole flight, what did you do to be so lucky?)  After many hours of research, we’ve concluded that you will get the best rest with a hood over your head, neck pillow around your neck, sleep mask covering your eyes, and headphones playing slow tunes to block outside noise from disrupting your slumber.

6. Hygiene Essentials: Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Wet Wipes

After a long flight, you’re guaranteed to not feel very fresh. So, for your sake, but mainly for everyone around you, take a few minutes to brush your teeth and use a wet wipe in the airplane bathroom before you land.  These simple but effective steps will tide you over until you have time to take a proper shower.

7. Water Bottle & Snacks

For the times that you’re asleep when the drink service comes through the aisle or they only have mystery meat left when they serve your row dinner, it’s always a good idea to have snacks (preferably something healthy) and your own water on hand.

8. Change of Clothes

We all hope that our flight will go off without a hitch, but sometimes we arrive to our destination and our luggage doesn’t quite make it there. Having an extra set of clothes will get you through at least the first day of being bagless in a new city and it will prevent a jetlagged scramble to find the nearest store.  Pro Tips: Take it to the next level and pack clothes that can be mixed and matched with what you’re already wearing. It’ll help make those two outfits last at least a few days.  Also, pack an extra pair or two (or three) of underwear.  You’re practically wearing clean clothes if you have a fresh set of undies, am I right?

9. Medications

This is another “if your bags get lost” tip. You should always travel with medications in their original container and on your person.  Make sure you check your destination country’s regulations to see if you need to have any additional information on the medicine you’re carrying.  Some regulate what you can and can’t bring into the country.

10. Pen & Address of Your Accommodation

For international flights, before going through customs you’ll have to fill out an arrival card. This card will be given out on the plane before you land but do you know what they don’t give you?  A pen.  So, make sure you keep a pen easily accessible.  Another thing you’ll need for these cards is the address of your accommodations.   It’s important to write it down before you leave just in case you don’t have data or Wi-Fi when you land to look it up.  This will also prevent a lost in translation moment when you jump into a cab.  Whether or not you speak the local language, you can show them the address of where you are going and they should be able to get you there.

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Olivia McShea



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