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Travel and the Role of the Global Citizen

Hannah Gardner | Business Development

As the climate crisis looms large in the news, a critical eye has been cast upon travel, and the industry’s impact on the environment. We’re suddenly aware of which celebrities fly on private jets, how our oceans are being affected by the cruise industry, and which precious resources are being depleted to make way for the development of infrastructure.


The good news is that now more than ever, travelers can take charge of their environmental footprint; we can purchase carbon offset credits to lessen the blow of frequent flying, reuse towels in hotel rooms to decrease water consumption, and shun single-use plastics from our toiletries.


By practicing mindfulness in our travel, we can balance our concern for the environment with our deeply rooted desire to explore, both of which are crucial elements in becoming better global citizens.


But perhaps the best way for us to be both responsible travelers and inhabitants of Earth is to be truly intentional in our travel; to seek out meaningful experiences and to use them as tools to aid us in our humanitarian development. By the very definition of travel, we seek out unfamiliar places and people, and so what is travel if not an attempt to better understand and care for the world we inhabit?


By experiencing ways of life in different parts of the world, it becomes nearly impossible to ignore the fact that we are all connected in many ways, and our local choices have a global impact. The goal of good travel should be to return home changed for the better, with wider eyes and more purpose in our steps.


Travel shows us the beauty and fragility of our planet and should inspire us to protect it.


We are all about the art of the experience at Livalit Travel. Our trips are carefully curated to give our travelers the opportunity to not simply enjoy, but to learn and be inspired. We know that our clients have many options when they travel, so our unique trips help us stand out from the crowd, but more importantly than that, we are deeply committed to building bridges and fostering a sense of community amongst our groups.

Travel can open eyes, broaden minds and change hearts, and we are here to help with that. What ways has travel shaped your identity as a global citizen?


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