Top 8 Destinations for Any Craft Beer Lover

The first thing I do when I travel is look up whether there are any craft breweries in the area. I’ve found myself doing this because breweries are an integral part of so many cities and they tend to be very reflective of that city as each one has its own unique tastes and ambiance. Sitting outside on a patio with a beer in your hand is the perfect way to feel the pulse of a new city so if you’re a craft brew lover like me, here are 8 destinations that are perfect for you.

1. Portland, Maine

First on the list is Portland Maine, dubbed the US city with the most craft breweries per capita. Portland Maine may not be the biggest city by any means, but man do they have some great breweries. Honorable mention goes to Allagash Brewery, as they specialize in Belgian style beers and offer a solid selection all year round.

Check out some others here.

2. Belgium

Next up on the list is Belgium, there are too many great breweries throughout the country to only choose one city and if you can’t tell by this list I am a Belgian style beer lover.  A Belgian style beer balances the malt sweetness and hop bitterness that you find in every beer, while mixing in fruity or floral flavors. The important thing to note is that Belgian style beers come in a relatively large range of flavors, alcohol content, and color so you can find something for everyone. Because this type of beer has so many different flavors, it’s no surprise that Belgium has a rich history of brewing beer dating back to the 12th century in which monks would brew behind abbey walls.

Check out CNN’s comprehensive list of breweries in Belgium you must check out here.

3. Cologne, Germany

Cologne is the perfect spot if you’re looking to get a little bit off the beaten track. People are often drawn to Munich because of Oktoberfest, but Cologne is a great alternative. The specialty Kölsch beer is only brewed in Cologne and it’s often described as, having a sip of an entire culture.

Here is a list of some breweries to check out.

4. Asheville, North Carolina

Perhaps best recognized for the variety in their beers, Asheville North Carolina has a beer for everyone. With gluten free options, even cider, and plenty of beer types being experimented with, Asheville is a must-see spot. Some even attribute the success of this beer city to the free and abundant water flow creating an optimal pH level for beer.

Check out this list of breweries to see here.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

As of 2017 Copenhagen is home to 217 breweries including some large household names such as Carlsberg and Tuborg. But Copenhagen has a lot of new and exciting breweries entering the works. Honorable mention goes to the stand out Mikkeller with their wide assortment (especially sours) and funky packaging.

Check out a full list here.

6. Wellington, NEw Zealand

Labeled the craft beer capital of New Zealand, Wellington has plenty of options with over 25% of all tap beer sold in the city being craft. While in the area, you need to check out the Capital Craft Beer Trail which is a self-guided tour of all the important craft beer spots in the city. A stand out in Wellington is Garage Project. Known for having come out with 24 different types of beer in 24 weeks, Garage Project offers a lot of different beers with some out of the ordinary ingredients (perhaps one of the strangest being cornflakes).

Check out a full list here.

7. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is by far one of the newer cities to the craft beer scene, but nevertheless this is a great city to check out. Tokyo is one of the more expensive cities on this list but with demand on the rise, more and more craft breweries are opening.

Check out the list here.

8. Bend, ORegon

Oregon in general is a huge center for beer, so I’d be remiss to not include an Oregon city on this list. Some may think that Portland is the city with the most breweries per capita in the state of Oregon, but first place goes to Bend. In addition to all the amazing breweries, the city has made their experience unique by offering a non-alcoholic option, Dawg Grog, for your 4-legged friend and by giving visitors passport stamps and souvenirs as they work their way through all the breweries.

Check out a list of places to visit in Bend:


Did we miss any places that you think should be on this list?  Let us know in the comments below!

Do you know a beer obsessed community whose members would love to drink their way through one of these incredible destinations?

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  1. Peter

    When visiting Cologne you have to try the Päffgen Kölsch

    • Livalit Travel

      We’ll make sure to check it out the next time we’re there! Thanks for the recommendation Peter!


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