5 Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Your Vacation

For most of us, every day is not a vacation so here are our tips for getting your trip off to the right start.

1. Sleep when the locals sleep

Stop thinking about what time it is to you at home. It does nothing for you, plus why are you thinking about home when you are on vacation?  I strongly recommend that you go to sleep at a normal bedtime in the country that you’re in.  Try your best to make it to at least 8:30-9PM so you can get on track with the local time zone.  We won’t tell if you take a quick nap after a redeye but try to limit the length of your nap so that you won’t wake up foggy and you’re ready to sleep at bedtime.

2. Stay hydrated

No one likes to be that person that wakes their seatmates 10 times to get up to go to the bathroom, but it is a good idea to drink a lot of water before, during, and after your flight. I always bring a reusable water bottle with me when I travel and make sure to fill it up before I get on the plane.  That way, I don’t need to bother the flight attendants or wait until they come around for the drink service to stay hydrated.  Unfortunately, alcohol doesn’t count towards your hydration plan…

3. Don’t discount a hop-on, hop-off tour

Whenever I’m in a new city, I like to take a tour that gives me a general overview of the city on the first day. That way, I get my bearings and have a good idea where I want to focus my time the rest of my stay.  My first preference is a bike tour because you can cover a lot of ground and get a little bit of exercise, but a hop-on hop-off tour or a free walking tour can also do the trick.

4. Get suggestions from locals

This might seem obvious, but I always ask locals what I should see, do, and eat while in their area. I’ll ask the concierge at a hotel, but normally prefer the suggestions from taxi drivers, Uber drivers (and other local Uber passengers if you take an Uber Pool), shop keepers, and doormen.  They’ll tell you their favorite place to go rather than a place that is suggested for tourists.

5. Go tech free

My only exception to this would be a kindle, but do your best to turn off your phone, computer, and other electronic devices. Live in the moment, ask a stranger for directions, read signs instead of using GPS, and enjoy your surroundings.  We’re so distracted by phones that we sometimes miss some of the best conversations, incredible scenery, or little details.  You might also miss some uncomfortable situations, but what’s life for if not to be a little uncomfortable sometimes?

Did we miss any must have tips?  Let us know in the comments below!

Molly McShea



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