Create Experiences that Drive Revenue.

We help brands like yours create custom travel experiences, branded to you and designed for your clientele, as a way to build community and reach.

In today’s world of disposable media,

it’s hard for brands to stand out.

Marketing fades. But experiences last.

After speaking with business owners and online communities, we realized that for brands to develop true communities, they needed to create experiences that build real relationships. But before now, that possibility was only available to major brands at a high cost.

It shouldn’t be that way. That’s why we work with small-to-medium size businesses to help plan and deliver travel experiences that build tangible brand loyalty and community – all with little-to-no cost to your business.

You can be more than a brand. Are you ready to live a little?

How It Works

Schedule a Discovery Call

We’ll take the time to understand your brand and your desires for your customized travel experience. If you have ideas for the trip – great! If not, we’re full of them!

Plan an Itinerary

Based on our call, our team will put together an inspired itinerary to make sure that your ideas and desires for the trip are brought to life as seamlessly as possible.


Promote the Trip

After itinerary approval, we’ll get to work, offering proven marketing services, providing live meetings with prospective travelers, and facilitating logistic needs.

Go Travel

We’ll lead the way on your customized trip, making sure that everything runs seamlessly so that your community of travelers can enjoy an incredible experience.

Capture the Memories

After the trip, each member will receive a photo book of trip highlights, so that they’ll have a tangible way to treasure and share the experiences they’ve had with your brand.

Why It works

No Burden of Cost to Your Brand

As travelers sign up, they facilitate the cost so that the burden doesn’t rest on you. This is an experience you can afford.

Trips That Fit

Step away from the cookie cutter itinerary and celebrate what makes your brand unique with made for you experiences.

Marketing Moments That Matter

Each trip offers an abundance of social media, PR, and marketing opportunities within a setting that stands out from the daily noise.

Create Real Relationships

Shared experiences are the best way to build relationships. You’ll get to share incredible memories and develop friendships that last.

Travel is good for the soul

See beautiful places. Share incredible memories. Create amazing experiences. Travel is good for the soul – so get out there!


I honestly can’t say enough good things about this trip. It was life changing to say the least, and also made me realize how doable travel can be. International travel has always been something I’ve wanted to do more of, but I just had no idea how within reach it was. Thank you for putting this trip together, and for also being an incredibly knowledgeable resource. I’ll definitely be traveling with you again in the (hopefully) very near future!



“The Livalit Travel team totally nailed it with the trip to South Africa.  The attractions far exceeded my expectations, and only in retrospect can I truly appreciate how seamlessly we moved from one part of the trip to the next.  This is a testament to the pre-trip planning & organization, as well as the in-trip management of the details/curve-balls that may have come their way.  Our group was spoiled by the most seasoned and professional local guides, fantastic accommodations, ample amounts of delicious local food and beverages, and adequate time to rest, explore, or imbibe at our leisure.  This trip was an outstanding value for the money and I look forward to my next escape with Livalit Travel.”



I would totally do this trip again in a heartbeat, this was my first trip where someone did all the planning and it was great. I just sat back and enjoyed every activity, no complaints or regrets here.