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      About Us

      We’re a collection of travelers, planners, and creatives who all have one thing in common – we love influencing and being a part of others journeys to see the world.

      So, what exactly do we do?  

      After speaking with fellow business owners and online communities we realized that there was a need to create one-of-a-kind experiences centered around their brands to stay significant in an ever-changing world.

      Let’s break it down…

      • We’ll set up a call to understand your brand and your wants for the entirety of your experience.  If you have a country or endeavor in mind, great!  If not, we’re full of ideas.
      • Taking information from the call, our team will put together an inspired itinerary.
      • We’ll work with you to get your community craving to be on your tour.
      • We’ll make sure everyone has all the materials and support they need for an unforgettable trip.

      What’s in it for you?

      • An opportunity to travel with your community at a discount or for free!
      • An abundance of social media, PR, and marketing moments.
      • Exclusive ways to showcase your products or community.
      • Lasting memories and strong relationships with your new friends.




      Chief Experience Officer

      Molly’s spent her entire professional career in the travel industry which is no surprise since she’s been exploring the world (38 countries and counting) for over 17 years. From 3 months living in a remote town in Uganda, to taking executive MBA students through Brazil, to studying abroad and traveling in Europe for 5 months, to camping through 7 countries in Africa, she, coincidentally, loves all things travel.  Part detail-oriented perfectionist, part easy-going wanderer, her mission is to create incredible experiences ensuring you catch the travel bug – hopefully the only bug you’ll ever catch.


      Chief Content Creator

      Olivia’s been exploring the world (20 countries and counting) for over 15 years, with adventures ranging from spending a year in New Zealand on a working holiday visa, to living in the city of love, Paris, for a semester, to enjoying a summer devouring carbs in Florence, Italy.  Part landscape chasing photographer and part avid YouTube tutorial viewer her mission is to create phenomenal content (with the trusted help of spell check) for the Livalit Community.

      Do you love travel as much as we do?

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