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Delsey Luggage Expandable Spinner Trolley: Carry On, 25 in. & 29 in.

Why we love it:  With the 3 different sizes you can choose which one/ones are the right fit for you.  We personally have the carry on and the 25 in. because the carry on is perfect for weekend getaways and the 25 in. is ideal for longer trips.  Plus, if we end up packing more than usual we can use both.  This is coming from light packers so take our advice with a grain of salt and think about your personal packing habits (hello over packers!) when choosing the right size for you.

These smooth spinning wheels are also a huge must have for easy mobility.  Just be careful not to let go of your bag on the top of a hill!


Get yours here: Carry on $71.28, 25 in. $90.99, 29 in. $101.53

Why we love it: Packing cubes are the holy grail for staying organized while traveling.  You can use them to separate your tops from your bottoms, to protect your belongings from dirty shoes, to keep all your cords in one place, and/or for so many other purposes.  They are also water-repellent so if anything spills in transit you can breathe a sigh of relief because everything in these bags will be protected.


Get yours here: Starting at $29.95

Why we love it: There are so many compartments and pockets for optimal organization while still being light weight.  With the convenient handle you can hang this organizer on a hook for full visibility, all while freeing up counter space which would normally be cluttered with toiletries.

Pro Tip:  Even in between trips, we like to keep our bag fully stocked with our travel toiletries so we can just grab it and go when we take off on our next adventure.      


Get yours here: $40

Why we love it: We like to keep our dirty clothes separate from our clean clothes, simple as that!  Plus, when you get home it makes unpacking a breeze because you already know what you can throw directly in the laundry and what you need to hang back up in the closet.


Get yours here: $12

Why we love it: If you’re like us then you love to read.  Unfortunately, books are not travel friendly but with the Kindle you can have hundreds of books in one small device.

Pro Tip:  If you have a library card you can “check out” e-books from your local library for free, yes FREE.


Get yours here: Kindle Paperwhite E-reader $119.99, Leather Case $39.99

Why we love it: This is the ultimate all-in-one travel wallet.  It has a compartment for everything and it prevents identification theft with RFID blocking technology.


Get yours here: $11.99

Reusable Water Bottle

Why we love it: Reusable water bottles are a must while traveling and these two bottles are our personal favorites.  The Nalgene has a wide mouth which is ideal for filling it with ice and for easy cleaning.  Both bottles have lids that are connected and seal airtight so you don’t have to worry about losing them or spills..  What makes this Camelbak different is that it is insulated so it will keep your beverage cold for up to 48 hours.  This is a major bonus because we all know there is nothing worse than warm water on a sweltering hot day.


Get yours here: Nalgene $10, Camelbak Vacuum Insulated $26.99

Why we love it: You’ve seen them and you’ve laughed at them but we’re here to tell you to give neck pillows a try!  We’ve been hooked since we first used ours on a long plane ride and we’ve never looked back.  Your neck will thank you.


Get yours here: $11.95

Why we love it: Couple the neck pillow with a total blackout from this sleep mask and nothing will be able to disturb your much-needed beauty rest.  The soft and breathable silk will have you completely relaxed in no time.


Get yours here: $9.99

Why we love it: Sometimes plugs aren’t always where we want them to be.  With these cords you can lay in bed while your charger is plugged in across the room.  This is one of those products you don’t realize you need until you need it and trust us, you need it!


Get yours here: $14.99

Why we love it: Why have a different adapter for every country when you can have one that covers over 150?  If you plan on plugging anything into a wall while abroad than at least one of these is a necessity!


Get yours here: $12.99

Why we love it: This lock is an easy way to add an extra level of protection while traveling.  You can lock together 2 zipper tabs on your luggage or backpack while exploring a busy city. Plus, the 3-number combination makes it easy to unlock and get to your belongings (for you, not for a potential thief!).


Get yours here: Starting at $6.49

Why we love it: Carabiners are always a handy tool to have on you and the abundance of uses you’ll find for them will surprise you.


Get yours here: $6.69

Why we love it: You have to (I guess you don’t HAVE to, but we strongly recommend to) brush your teeth while you’re traveling and this foldable toothbrush protects the brush when it’s not in use.


Get yours here: $5.95

Now that you have the essentials, it’s time for your next adventure.  Fall in love with your new products on our tour to Iceland!


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