The Solution to Your Unexpected Problems


Carabiners are the ideal tool for those unexpected problems and inconveniences that happen while traveling.

This was true for me while I was traveling through Thailand.  Let me set the scene, I only had a 70L backpack, which I was carrying my life for the next year in, and a purse.  During that trip, we trekked to a village and I needed to pack enough for a few days.  Unfortunately, the 70L pack was too big, the purse was too small, and I didn’t have a bag that was juuuuust right.  So, what did I do?  I took the day bag from the top of my 70L pack and used a carabiner to attach two of my packing cubes to it and, voila, I had the perfect amount of room for my 3-day trek.  This is just one example of how I’ve used my carabiners in a pinch but here are a few more ways they might come in handy…


-Clip your water bottle onto the outside of your backpack for easy access while hiking

-Attach a lantern to the top of your tent

-Clip the zippers together on your bag to make it harder for thieves to unzip and steal your belongings

-Use as a quick fix if your purse strap breaks while out and about

-Clip your keys (or anything!) to your belt loop

There are so many uses for carabiners and I guarantee once you take one, or 5, on your next trip you’ll wonder what you ever did without them!

Do you have the carabiners but still working on the trip to go on?  Check out our tours to find your next adventure!


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